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Just Ask Melinda Asztalos Life Coach Certified Energy Facilitator and Life Coach
Melinda Asztalos
Just Ask Melinda Asztalos Life Coach Life Coach
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What Could You Create as Your Life If The Blocks, Limiting Beliefs
and Resistance Patterns Were Eliminated From Your Cell Memory?

What if you were not wrong? What if you just don’t know how to untangle yourself from the complex beliefs and ideas you have about you and the way that this reality works?

What if you could get this reality to work for you so you could finally receive true happiness, abundance, radiant health and inner peace? What if it was not something you have to “figure out”? What if there is no formula to follow? What if it is so easy you could teach a child?

Then, what kind of a life could you create from there?

Quantum energetic practice tells us that all information is written and coded into our cell memory and DNA. All cells and systems look for coherence - this state is the natural state of the human body. When information is encoded into the cell memory that opposes coherence, we get distortion. This distortion comes in the form of dis-ease, depression, anxiety, fear, lack, limitation and so many other negative states expressed in the body, soul and spirit. This is how your being is trying to signal you to change something NOW so you can get back to a state of coherence.

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Powerfully Rewrite Your Blueprint and Rewire
Your Systems to Receive Your Heart’s Desires
NOW, Not in Some Distant Future.

In the Quantum Field, you are already whole and perfect. It is within the layers of belief patterns, ancestral imprinting of lack, struggle, illness and limitation that dominate your PRESENT moment. This is at the root cause of pain and suffering and stops you from living the miraculous life you are capable of.

Together we work to activate and awaken the regeneration of your awareness so you KNOW at all times and IN ALL SITUATIONS what the best choice for you truly is. Once something is removed from the cell memoryit is done and complete.

Through THE ARC™ Method, we work to delete the old and open you up to the NEW in pragmatic ways that work in today’s busy reality.

THE ARC™ Method

Awakening the Restoration of Consciousness

Awakening the Restoration of Consciousness is a combination of over 30 years of study combined with heart imagery, verbal energy processes and body/mind/spirit energetic tools that remove the negative programming from your cell memory, your DNA patterns, your physical body and your emotional and mental bodies. This practice releases all suffering from your being. The ARC™ Method is designed to bring you into a living experience where YOU are in the driver’s seat, functioning from your true capacity and creating your life as a choice not as a series of obilgations and necessities.

Feel more connected to why on earth you are here.
Awaken the safest place to be - YOUR OWN AWARENESS. Feel fully alive and FREE.
Experience new levels of joy, spiritual growth & connection to Source energy.
Step into the realms of actually creating what you DESIRE not what you fear.

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If there was no force holding you back,
no hand knocking you down, no voice
telling you that you are wrong,
who could you be?

I have had the priviledge of working with hundreds of people around the world, listening to their stories, hearing their challenges and noticing the energy around the way that they live their lives. I have noticed that so many people feel “stuck” whether it has to do with financial issues, relationship issues, self worth traumas, parenting challenges and health problems.

That place of “stuck” is where the mind has no place to go except in circles. If your mind had the ability to get you out of “stuck” it would have done so already.

The forces that hold us back are the voices of the past and the beliefs that we have adopted from other people as though they were real and true for us. They are the fears, doubts, anxieties, judgements and conclusions that we keep replaying because we believe that they are the sum total of what and who we truly are. What if we were so much more? 

What if the way to get “unstuck” is not through a logical mind
that keeps trying to figure it all out, but through the awareness
that you have shut off because you were told “how you must”
do things and behave in this reality?

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As we release the old patterns and impart new codes of freedom, prosperity, ease, happiness and love into the body and mind, you literally “reset” your system so you can manifest the experiences and outcomes you desire.

You are literally rewiring your blueprint to reflect patterns of perfection not patterns of fear, doubt and lack handed down
from generation after generation.

Whatever you focus on expands and inspires an energetic
shift. From the world we live in to the body you express
through, your thoughts and the energy you create can
and will change it all.

this is the MYTH. there is an easy, fast and
effective way to create lasting change.

This is your opportunity to change everything
if you are willing to have that much ease, lightness
and joy in your world. Would you be willing to be free?

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